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World Famous Novelty Dog Doo

The most realistic Dog Doo that money can buy. All of the mess with none of the stress! Looks and feels incredibly real, unlike cheap plastic poop. What can you do with fake dog poop? Surprise your friends! Give your boss a humorous gift the whole office will enjoy! Leave one on your yard to keep people from walking on it! Put one in the college dorm and see who's brave enough to open it! The fun never ends with Dog Doo.

Don't skimp when it comes to gag gifts, you deserve the best.

Econo Poop
The Econo Poop
Dachshund sized. This is the original dog doo that started it all folks. $13.00
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Poo Poo Special
The Dog Doo Special
Shepherd sized. $18.00
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DogDoo Grande

The Grande
Bigger is better! $23.00
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Everyone needs a mug! $15
DogDoo Dog Shirt!
Buy It T-shirts for your doggy. Made in the USA because we're worth it. $19.99  
Cool DogDoo Shirt!
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DogDoo T-shirts. You're sure to get noticed!
Made in the USA. $23.99
The joke's in the bag with!

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